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以下搜索结果为:led into或仍然搜索:lead into问:67_The boy's laziness-his failure in the exams_A_resulted from B_brought in___答:led into一般是*284被*544,也*3375说=be led into,意思是被领到…而result from的意思是产生于…;由…引起。result in是导致的意思,我刚刚查词典led into没有导致的意思…楼主看看吧…wenwen_m_sogou_com请问led into 和 resulted in都有导致_的意思,有什么*269么*372467_The boy's laziness-his failure in the ______2_用led to是因为本句是举例子(存在这样的*379),用lead to的过去式。led是lead的过去分词;所以,*2351的___免费观赏视频,下载或收听 Vice Pirate – Led Into Submision。在*1178的*4382音乐库 Last_fm 发现更多音乐___求翻译:(D)led into是什么意思?待解决 *573分:1-离问题结束还有 (D)led into *95 支持(0)|*852(0)|我来___He's the worst possible man for her_And she wants him with a desperation that borders on obsession_ ___we came to a deep valley_On the far side of it,the path led into some very thick bushes,rather than ___path led into some very thick bushes,rather than push through up again and rejoin the path on the ___新东方宝典为你提供Lucifer dyewas led into CHL cells by iontophoretic injection and the nurnber of ___铁路枢纽设计只有与时俱进,*3670适应新时期铁路*3146的*3675_结合*758*1147,对以往新线引入枢纽方*1472进行分析和___,免费在线观看伦理电影,lead into意思,lead,into和lead,to,lead,in,to造句,lead,in,to什么意思,lead,into,a,request,request,look,forward,to,